COVID-19 Solutions

As customers are adhering to government guidelines and are more cautious with their spending, business have had to change the way they operate. MerchantSuite equips you with solutions to navigate this current situation so you can be there for your customers and stay in business — now and in the future.
COVID-19 Solutions

Social Distancing

Offer zero contact payments so customers can adhere to government guidelines. Let your customers place orders through an online store, or over the phone followed by an SMS or email containing a payment link. Allow them to make payments remotely using any device.

MerchantSuite’s zero contact solutions such as Payment Request, Messaging, and Ezy Checkout allow you to continue your business while protecting customers.

Customer Convenience

Allow customers to pay anytime using a desktop, mobile or tablet. Also offer automatic debits via card or bank account*. Send them timely notifications including:

  • Upcoming payment reminders
  • Card update requests
  • Payment receipts
  • Failed payment alerts
  • Overdue payment notifications

*Australia only

Hardship Plans

Offer installment payment options to customers undergoing financial difficulties. Allow them to set and forget automatic debits so they can spread out payments according to their ability to pay (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc). Customize digital sign-up forms and allow them to apply online.

MerchantSuite Secure Forms and Subscription Manager allow you to capture customer card data and set up payment schedules with ease.

Staff Safety

Protect your employees and alleviate concerns regarding proximity to customers by enabling them to take payments remotely. Allow them to send email and SMS notifications with payment links so they can assist customers making payments over the phone.

Allow your staff to serve your customers safely with MerchantSuite Messaging and Payment Request.

Quick Deployment & Multi-Channel

All solutions are ready-to-use with no integration required. Sign up or upgrade to our Gold or Platinum packages to take advantage of all these features. Get up and running now.

Data Security

Keep customer card details secure with our Tier-1 PCI DSS compliant platform. Our solutions are designed to reduce you’re your risk as well as your IT and Security overheads.

COVID-19 solutions to help your business

Payment Request

Send customers a secure payment link via SMS or email and assist them in making payments while speaking with them over the phone. You can customize messages to fit your purpose. Customers can use a credit card or digital wallet like Apple Pay. Monitor payments in real time send them receipts when payment is successful.

Used by businesses of all sizes from Cafes and Restaurants to Utilities.

Ezy Checkout

Take orders online instead of in-store with our all-in-one online shop Ezy Checkout, or use one of our plugins for popular shopping carts. Allow customers to browse your products online and complete their order from any device. Send them email or SMS notifications to track their orders.

Used by Retailers, Restaurants and other businesses that wish sell products 24/7.

Secure Forms

Publish digital forms within minutes. Simply drag and drop fields to allow customers to register their details, apply for hardship plans, order items, sign up for subscription services and more. Enable payments and capture payment details securely.

Used by Health Professionals, Real Estate Agencies, Wholesalers, Schools, Utilities and more.

Subscription Manager

Offer installment plans to customers that wish to spread out payments into smaller amounts. Allow them to tailor their plans according to their financial ability. Set and forget automatic debits via credit card.

Used by businesses of all sizes including Gyms, Clubs, Associations, Health Professionals and Schools.


Improve cash flow by sending customized emails or SMS notifications to your customers to remind them about upcoming payments or send receipts. Also alert them about late or failed payments or expiring card details.

Used by various businesses that offer subscriptions, memberships, direct debits and recurring payments.

Quick Integration

PCI DSS Compliance

Omnichannel Experiences

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