Spend more time and resources on learning outcomes instead of payments
Woman in school office taking notes down from an online store and payments platform for the school

Improve cash flow

Digitise all payments and set up an online store. Accept payments of school fees or donations for fundraising efforts. Sell uniforms and take canteen orders online.

Encourage on-the-spot payments by sending parents reminders that lead them to a customised school payment page.

Reduce administrative tasks

Relieve your school staff from tedious manual work such as counting cash and processing orders. Allocate revenue, improve record keeping and streamline reporting by going digital.

Teachers and school staff in the staff room discussing how to reduce administrative tasks
Father and son on a laptop making an online payment of fees to the school

Give parents convenience

Eliminate the need for students to bring cash to school by allowing parents to make payments online. Parents on the go can make payments on their mobile phones even during their commute to work.

Make learning accessible

Offer easy and flexible payment plans so that ayone looking for an education can get one. Create special plans for cases of financial hardship.

Group of students in school library studying while two are signing up to pay their fees via a flexible payment plan
Teacher in school library looking at receipts and payment records for online payments made by students and parents

Lessen clutter and cost

Decrease your paper trail and physical storage requirements by digitising receipts and payment records. Remove the need to print out payment forms for everything.

PCI DSS compliance

MerchantSuite provides solutions that capture, transmit and store card details in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant manner. Simply update your processes to use any or all of our solutions and you will quickly reduce your organisation’s PCI DSS compliance footprint. Many of our clients have become compliant within a few months, with minimal IT spend.

Streamline your payments and maximise your resources today.