Not-for-profit (NFP)

Maximise every opportunity to push your cause further
Group of supporters using a tablet to make a monthly donation on-the-spot

Receive more donations

Make sure every interaction leads to a donation by offering multiple payment methods across several channels that cater to every demographic. Whether online, mobile, over the phone or face-to-face, convenience is a key to increasing donations.

Track revenue sources with precision

Know exactly when, from whom and for what reason your funds are coming in so you can manage your cash flow and strategise accordingly.

Woman volunteer working in a charity op shop that takes card payments
Man using mobile phone to sign up to a monthly donation to a charity.

Encourage long-term support

Turn one-off donors into steady supporters by making it convenient to donate regularly. Allow supporters to donate weekly, monthly or however often they wish.

Promote new initiatives

Send your existing supporters a text message that leads them to a web page to make a donation in support of new campaigns and appeals. From quick notifications to instant action, the ability to promote campaigns effectively can help increase donations.

NFP charity workers planning on a whiteboard on how to promote new campaigns and initiatives to fundraise
Room of NFP charity worker brainstorming in a meeting room on how to minimise administration costs

Minimise administration costs

Reduce expenditure on paper mail and transactions so the bulk of donations go to your cause instead of administration costs. Digitise and automate donations to lower the costs of acquiring and retaining supporters. Centralise the entire process to reduce the costs of operating globally.

PCI DSS compliance

MerchantSuite provides solutions that capture, transmit and store card details in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant manner. Simply update your processes to use any or all of our solutions and you will quickly reduce your organisation’s PCI DSS compliance footprint. Many of our clients have become compliant within a few months, with minimal IT spend.

Maximise donations from your supporters.