Keep customers moving smoothly
Fleet of shuttle buses in the transport industry

Manage with ease

Easily manage card data security and top-ups with our tokenisation service. Topping up travel cards means that you can easily track commuters’ travel and support the ticketing model you require.

Provide commuter convenience

Keep commuters on the move with easy to top-up travel cards. Remove the hassles of travelling by enabling auto top-ups and on-demand online and over the phone top-ups. Eliminate the need for cash or card payments in-person.

Commuter tapping their travel card on public transport which takes from their card balance but has auto top-ups enabled.
Bus driver letting passengers board the bus after they tap on with their auto top-up travel cards

Automate processes

Our consolidated multi-channel payments platform allows you to automate top-ups and system updates so commuters’ travel balances are always up-to-date.

PCI DSS compliance

MerchantSuite provides solutions that capture, transmit and store card details in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant manner. Simply update your processes to use any or all of our solutions and you will quickly reduce your organisation’s PCI DSS compliance footprint. Many of our clients have become compliant within a few months, with minimal IT spend.

Enhance your customer service with seamless payment experiences.