Our payment solutions offer limitless growth opportunities for large corporates who seek continuous improvement

Online Payments

Accept online payments securely without compromising on customer experience. Allow customers to pay using any internet-enabled device with flexible payment options. Sensitive card data is kept safe in our PCI DSS level 1 compliant environment, taking your business or contact centre completely out of scope.


Improve your cash flow by sending reminders, invoices and payment requests that allow customers to pay from anywhere on any device. Encourage on-time payments by applying discounts, surcharges and other biller rules. Add payment reasons so you can allocate revenue with precision.

Recurring Payments

Retain customers and attract new business with simple signup processes and flexible payment options. Manage collections with greater efficiency using features such as set and forget, eInvoices and proactive card expiry management.

Contact Centre Payments

Accept card payments over the phone without exposing sensitive card data to your agents, software or infrastructure, taking your entire contact centre out of scope. Customers can opt for agent support throughout the entire payment process or to receive a link via SMS or email leading them to a hosted payment page. Reduce handling time significantly with tokenisation and innovative solutions.

Self Service Payments

Allow your customers to enjoy 24/7 payment options using our intelligent audio and visual IVR solutions. Provide an excellent customer experience that leads to instant call resolution. As you increase efficiency in your contact centre, your agents can focus on more complex calls.

PCI DSS compliance

MerchantSuite provides solutions that capture, transmit and store card details in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant manner. Simply update your processes to use any or all of our solutions and you will quickly reduce your organisation’s PCI DSS compliance footprint. Many of our clients have become compliant within a few months, with minimal IT spend.

Optimise growth with the ultimate omnichannel payment solution.