Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your business and protect your customers
Woman and man holding a credit card and feeling relaxed and safe while making an online payment on their laptop

Reduce chargebacks and losses

Minimise the liability of fraud by implementing safety measures such as 3D Secure to validate your customers’ identities. With 3D Secure, the customer’s bank verifies the customer’s identity, which may provide you with a liability shift for fraud related chargebacks.

Further reduce fraud by blocking transactions that may be fraudulent.

Accept payments securely

Capture, transmit and store card details within our PCI DSS compliant environment, ensuring that sensitive card data is completely eliminated from your systems and processes.

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Affordable and accessible protection

Achieve PCI DSS level 1 compliance and fraud protection at a much lower cost than doing it on your own. Allow us to take payments securely so you can focus on growing your business.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Omnichannel Experiences

Secure your business from fraud today!