Over the Phone Payments

Accept card payments over the phone with minimised risk of fraud

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Keep card data safe

Protect your customer’s card data by having them type in their card details on their phone, instead of reciting them out loud, whilst still on the phone with the agent. Agents no longer need to be exposed to card data when accepting payments as all card data is kept within our PCI DSS level 1 compliant environment. There are more secure ways to to take payments than with a virtual terminal.

Send payment requests

Email or SMS customers a secure payment link to a hosted payment page where they can make an online payment while remaining on the phone call.

Agents can monitor the status and assist customers until payment is made. Customers also have the option to end the phone call and make payment in their own time.

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Woman outside using her mobile phone to make a card payment over the phone through an automated phone payments system (IVR)

Offer self-service options

Empower customers to resolve payments on their own, even outside of business hours, with automated phone payments. Customers are guided through the call so that they can easily make a payment using their phone.

Quick Integration

PCI DSS Compliance

Omnichannel Experiences

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